Make Your Meditation More Comfy with a Meditation Cushion!

If you already doing some meditation on a daily basis you are on your way to be happier and more relax person which is great, but there are always ways to improve the experince of your meditation and make it more easy and comfortable.

One of the most important meditation accessory you can have is a good and stable meditation cushion.

what are the benefits of using a meditation cushion? well first of all it provide great back support! long hours of sitting in a meditation pose can have an effect on your back and toll a price from your body. when you use a good and comfy cushion it can help to sit for longer and be pain free. as someone who involve in meditation quite a lot I can tell you that a lot of folks out there are actually stop their meditation practice only because they sometime find it uncomfortable to sit for so long and their body is in too much pain.


what kind of meditation cushion are out there? well you got the Zafu Mediation Pillow which is always a classic pillow to use. the zafu pillow is made out of buckwheat and gives an excellent support for your body. its not super soft but still comfy.

another great one , specially if you travel is the Mobile Meditator® Inflatable Meditation Cushion
just like name suggest – this cushion is Inflatable which basically mean – you can put in your bag and then simply inflate it when you want to use it. its awesome for traveling , easy to carry around and will give you the best support you will need on the go!