Exploring the Different Types of Glycolic Acid Treatments

Have you heard of the new skin cream that many are referring to as a ‘miracle’ cream? Glycolic acid is being called many things nowadays, largely due to the amazing results that people have reported when they use it.

From this natural substance that originates from fruit, an entire slew of benefits have been realized. Not only is it now used to eliminate various scars including those from acne, but it is also used to turn back the clock as an anti-aging product while reducing wrinkles and removing all those dark skin spots that blemish otherwise healthy skin with time!


Because it works so effectively and quickly, glycolic acid has firmly established a name for itself in the skin care industry. But if you’re looking to start to take advantage of the numerous benefits that this substance has to offer, you need to appreciate that there are many options for you to choose from.

Here and now, you’re going to get a run through the most common and effective options as far as glycolic acid treatment is concerned, and from there you should be able to choose which one best suits your needs!

  • Glycolic Acid Skin Peels

These are the most commonly used glycolic acid treatments and they are essentially normal skin peels that contain this type of acid that are used on your skin and then peeled off later.

They are certainly strong, and are widely known for the results that they bring.

  • Night Treatment Tonics

If you’re looking for something that is a little less intensive however, you could opt for one of the glycolic acid night tonics that are available. Just apply it at night before you sleep, and you’ll start to notice the difference to your skin soon enough!

  • Exfoliate Cleansers

Wash away the dirt that accumulates over the course of your day with a cleanser that also contains glycolic acid and you’ll get dual benefits! By cleansing your face of all the dirt and bacteria that has accumulated there, and then adding the advantages of glycolic acid to that – you really can’t go wrong.

  • Special Glycolic Acid Products

Make no mistake, there are other glycolic acid products around and most are designed to deal with special cases, i.e. those with dry skin, oily skin, and so on. Choosing a product that deals with your specific skin condition should help you rest assured that you’re getting the best possible solution.

As you can see, you certainly have no shortage of options when it comes to the types of glycolic acid treatments that are around. And now that you know what they are, you should be able to pick out one that is not only going to suit your skin, but also the manner in which you’d prefer to use it!