All About Using Caralluma to Burn Fat

All across the world, people are raving about Caralluma and how effective it is when used to burn fat. The surprising thing about this is that unless you happen to be extremely knowledgeable about weight loss supplements – you’ve probably never heard of this substance in the past.

So what exactly is Caralluma and why is it causing so much excitement? Some people seem to think that it is just the latest weight loss craze – and that really isn’t true. In fact, as you’re about to find out: Caralluma has actually been around for a lot longer than people seem to realize!

What is Caralluma?

Essentially, Caralluma is a a substance that comes from a plant called the Caralluma fimbriata. This plant is a type of cactus and it has grown in the wild in India for centuries. Matter of fact, it has been used by Indians as an appetite suppressant for just as long!

While it has never been known to burn fat, the Caralluma fimbriata has been used by Indians in their food as a form of ‘famine food’. It has been known to stop hunger pangs and thus many poorer Indians used it for generations as ‘famine food’ during hard times so that they didn’t feel their hunger too badly.

In a nutshell – Caralluma fimbriata can stop you from feeling like eating more and as such it definitely could help you to burn fat!

It wasn’t until recent times when Caralluma began to find its way into the weight loss pills in Western countries however – but now that it has, it seems set to continue to grow in popularity!

How Does Caralluma Work?

Without getting too technical, basically Caralluma can help burn fat purely by merit of its appetite suppressant properties.

As you may or may not know, most of us living typical Western lifestyles tend to over-eat. In short, we’re consuming more protein and carbohydrates in particular than our bodies really need.

What Caralluma does is it cuts your appetite down to size so that you’ll no longer be taking in so many calories from your food. Effectively, this will mean that you’re on a sort of ‘diet’ only you won’t feel the temptation to eat because your appetite will be suppressed.

Once you stop taking in so many calories, your body will then be forced to burn fat in order to get the energy that it needs. Simple enough, isn’t it?

Part of the beauty of using Caralluma is its simplicity. Unlike other complicated diets, this one simple substance could help you finally burn fat and actually stick with it. Also, since it is so easy, you’re more likely to be able to see it through!